Are you aromantic? - test po angielsku

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Are you aromantic? - test po angielsku

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Test na aromantyczność po angielsku: ... -aromantic

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Are you aromantic?
For 33 % you are: You are most likely romantic, but asexual. That means you might feel love, have a great relationship and marry, but are not into sex. You might feel arousal, enjoy masturbation and have sexy fantasies or dreams, but don't like to participate in the actual sex act. I hope you'll find the person of your dreams who'll love you just the way you are. A lot of asexual people have sex just to please their partners. You can do that if you want, but when your partner won't accept it when you don't want to have sex, he or she is not worth your time or energy. Good luck!5 % of 96931 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A
You could also get this result: For 25 % you are: You are probably asexual and aromantic. That means you neither fall in love nor enjoy sex. You might find someone attractive, enjoy masturbation, like to cuddle and have body contact, even want kids, but you're not up for the traditional relationship, and that's all right. Maybe you'll have a great friendship and even live with someone. Good luck! Profile B
Or even this one: For 25 % you are: You are most likely demisexual! That means that you might have a romantic relationship and fall in love, but you need to have a close friendship for a long time before you actually do fall in love. That doesn't affect your sex life and preferences. You can still be asexual. The good side of being demiromantic is, you know the person well, know what they are going to be like in a relationship, and might not be disappointed easily. Good luck! Profile C
Or even this one: For 8 % you are: You are mostly aromantic! You might form close and strong friendships, enjoy sex, feel arousal, find people attractive and want kids, but you don't fall in love. You could also be gray-aromantic (check different blogs for more information) or demiromantic. (You only fall in love when you already have a very strong friendship with someone.) This might change someday, or maybe it won't change. Don't worry, you're completely normal, and how you are has a lot of advantages.You will probably never feel the pain of a broken heart or go through weird dating phases. You are independent and won't be bothered by your emotions. Maybe you are actually romantic, and that is all right, too. Good luck! Profile D
Or even this one: For 8 % you are: You are most likely not aromantic. You might enjoy sex, fall in love, have strong friendships and a lot more. Most people are romantic and I hope you'll find the right one for you -- good luck! Profile E

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